Welcome to the Hot N Cold Zone
Welcome to our Paint Shop Plz sit back &relax as you get your Av Painted your host are _2Cold2Hold_ & _HOT2HOLD_
Paint Room Rules

1. No Scrolling, Please.

2. Limit your gesture playing.

3. Do Not IM the Painters unless they IM you.

4 Please UnMega when you enter the room and only mega when asked.

5. Please ask List Keeper to add you to the paint list, if no list keeper is on duty, ask to be painted in the room.

6. Your are welcome to stay and chill out too....Make new friends.

We want you to enjoy your stay here, but please treat it as if it were your own room.
Thank You........Management LOL

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I will be moving my belongings in shortly.

In the meantime why not check out the link below to get your own 20MB of free webspace?


Painters & list Keepers are as follows....
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